Taco Tuesday Meal Ministry


One of my children’s favorite dinner-nights-of-the-week is “Taco Tuesdays”. This particular night we decided to bless an additional family with a meal ministry and made a little extra. It was a very simple way not only to provide a meal, but love and care for a family that has been hurting.

I pray you will take this idea and make “Taco Tuesday” a fun day for your family and a family in need as well.
Ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning. I also use ground turkey for a healthier choice.

Shredded cheese and lettuce in ziplock bags…

Homemade salsa is such a treat.

Meal ministry has to have a dessert, right? Especially if there are kiddos involved.

Add tortillas and chips and you’re off to fiesta!

One thing I’ve learned about meal ministry is to always- I mean always– make the same meal I have made for others, for my own family. I want my family to know that they are my priority, yet it is so important to be the hands and feet of Christ for others. 



  1. I’m doing this!
    Your kids are so cute haha.

  2. I soooo agree that we should always make the same meal for our family; wish I had done that! I can still hear them asking, “Is this for us or somebody else?”.

    • Aww, Rhetta…I understand. There are times when I don’t make the dessert part for my family because it just gets to be too much- I always feel so bad. Cookies/cupcakes have helped me to leave a few without having a huge 9×13 pan of something. My hand is raised that I have not always gotten it right though- we can focus on helping others so much that we unintentionally take away from our family. Thank you so much for commenting- love to you, Janelle

  3. I am loving this idea! My family loves tacos but I never thought about “Taco Tuesdays” silly me!

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