Easy n Cheesy Calzones

This is a very simple recipe for very delicious calzones ! Leave the bread to thaw and rise in the morning and come home to ready made dough! You can be as creative as you like with the filling…traditional calzones typically are made with mozzarella, ricotta, and tomatoes..in this recipe I added swiss and ham for a sweet and savory kick. A definite crowd pleaser for the grown-ups and little tykes alike!

*A featured recipe on Women Living Well

Take out two frozen Rhodes Bread dough balls and place on greased and lined cookie sheet

Drizzle tops with olive oil and cover for 6-8 hours until tripled in size like so.

Cut each loaf in half. Flour a flat surface and a rolling pin.

Shape dough into a circle and roll out into a larger flat circle. You will push your rolling pin straight in front of you then to the sides to get an even circle.

Layer ricotta cheese, fresh mozzarella, swiss and ham on one side of the circle.

Fold over and pinch sides

Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic powder and parsley

Sprinkle Corn Meal on a pizza stone and place calzones on top (or you may grease and place on a cookie sheet)

Bake in a 400 oven for 20 mins or until lightly browned. Serve with a side of your favorite dipping sauce! MMMMmmmm

Calzone Recipe

(makes 4 large calzones that could easily be split and served with a salad)

2 loaves of frozen Rhodes Bread

1 lb. of thinly sliced deli ham

1 cup ricotta cheese

1/2 lb. fresh mozzarella cut into squares

1/2 lb. sliced swiss cheese

1/4 cup flour for rolling

2 Tbsp of cornmeal

olive oil for drizzling

garlic powder


Tomato sauce or favorite dipping sauce.

(Grandma Ruth’s Sauce)

Preheat oven to 400.

In the morning, set out your frozen dough on cookie sheets and drizzle with oil, cover with plastic wrap for 4-6 hours. Cut each loaf in half. Flour a flat surface and shape first half into a ball and roll out into a flat circle. On one side spread appx 1/4 cup of ricotta cheese, and layer on a handful of mozzarella cheese, 2 slices of swiss and 1/4 lb. of ham. Fold over and pinch all all around to close- set on cookie sheet. Do this with remaining dough. Drizzle all calzones with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic powder/parsley. Place cornmeal on 2 baking stones and transfer calzones (you may also bake on oiled cookie sheets-make sure to give enough room apart so they do not bake together). Bake in oven for 20 mins until bread is lightly browned. Serve with dipping sauce.



  1. This looks tasty, amazing, delicious, and easy!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 ~Lisa

  2. Those look so yummy!!!!!!!!! Love swiss cheese too:) You could fill them with so many things. I would have to use cheddar for my hubby, since that is his favorite. Oh, you could use pizza fillings too…

    I first heard of the brand Rhodes when I was at my FIL’s in Georgia and he was making biscuits. I looked in my freezer section here in California and there they were…LOL.

    Happy Thursday, Janelle!!

  3. Patricia Walls says:

    Hello Janelle! I just discovered your blog and it is just wonderful!!! I would love to make these calzones for my 89 year old mom in love , so she could have them in the freezer and pop one in her toaster oven for a meal. I will be sneaky and put some much needed veggies in them as well. My question is do I bake these and then when cool, then wrap them for the freezer to be reheated or do I prepare them up to the point of baking and freeze them.Hope to hear as I will be travelling from Traverse City MI to Kitchener ON. Canada next week, and I would love to stock up her freezer with these along with the other meals I am preparing. God bless you and your family Janelle! Patricia

  4. wendy blankinship says:

    Hey Janelle-

    These calzones look great. Question….do i cook, cool, wrap in foil to deliver. Then do the folks receiving heat up in the foil or unwrapped?


    • Hi Wendy! If you are making them a meal to eat that evening- I would wrap while they are still warm- shinny side of the foil on the inside- that way they can eat them up right when you deliver!

  5. Thank you so much for the recipes! I can’t wait to try this for dinner, and make mini ones for the kid’s lunches! Excited!!! 🙂

  6. Thank you soooo much for posting meal plans! My kids are excited to have a new variety in our usual weekly menus!
    All these look so delicious. Thanks again.

  7. I am just so thrilled that I noticed your web-site. I normally have difficulties with new recipe ideas.
    We have my mother and father visiting next weekend so I’ve been hunting for some thing special.
    And I believe that I have uncovered the ideal recipe!
    I’ll report back once I’ve had the opportunity to give it a shot.
    Thanks a lot for the excellent idea.


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