My Top 13 “Meal Ministry” Meals.

Hi Ladies! I get many sweet e-mails asking me what meals are best for meal ministries. I went through my files and chose the ones I make the most ! I hope this helps give you ideas. Please know that it just warms my heart that so many of you want to start your very own meal ministries! Even if you are simply sending cookies to a neighbor, you are sharing God’s love. You are such blessings- I adore all the photos you send me and stories you share!

This list is in no particular order and the number 13 was not my first choice, but it just worked out that way 😉

 1. Lasagna can be taken in foil containers baked or not baked. This dish is easy to freeze. Make sure to add a bit more sauce so it doesn’t get dry.




2. Chilli can be placed in a large throwaway bowl, refrigerates and freezes well. Be sure to add the fixens on the side and wrap them up! In this case it’s cheese, chives, sour cream and corn bread.

3. Wedding soup is wonderful for a person who is sick, recovering a surgery, or just had a baby.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookies are always a treat to give someone!

5. Beef Stew is a delicious one pot meal to give to someone on a cold winter evening.

6. Chicken n Dumplings, Baked Apples, Green Beans, a roll and salad. A meal I took to a friend who just had surgery.

This is the same meal wrapped up. I added a pudding puff dessert to the side, made sure they had dressing and apple butter for their rolls. It is also a kind gesture to send throwaways so the person who you are cooking for does not have to return plates. If you must give them a plate, let them know to wash it and lay it out on their porch for you to pick up the next day.

7. I LOVE bringing quiche to get togethers and sending them home with people. Quiche makes a wonderful house warming gift.

It also carries well to church..

8. Stuffed Peppers – I made these for my Mother-In-Law’s neighbors.

9. Crescent Chicken, a salad, green beans, mashed redskins, and corn. Along with…

and some brownies with frosting and mini m&m’s for the kidos. The dad of this family just went through major surgery.

10. Turkey Tacos! This was just a meal on the go given to a close friend who is a teacher. I had extra and they had dinner!

11. Calzones are super easy to make and travel well. Simply wrap them up in foil and away you go!

12. Chicken Enchiladas travel well and are Ohhh so tasty. (I would not recommend this for nursing mothers).

13. Pasta E Fagioli is a delicious soup that warms up well and is a meal in itself!

Keep cooking for the King Ladies! Wohoo!!!! 



  1. Thank you! These look delish! I am bookmarking this, so I can find it again, quickly! You are making me hungry! he,he

  2. Karen Powell says:

    I made your Stuffed Pepper Soup and shared with a friend tonight. It was delicious and made an enormous amount! Thank you for sharing the recipe.


  3. Mrs. Bennett says:

    Thanks Janelle for posting this. I never willingly sign up to bring a meal to someone at church. I never know what food to make or feel like what I cook is too ordinary. It has been on my heart to bring a meal for an elderly couple who is having some health struggles. Maybe I can make that a reality now! It would be great to see a link up so others can share what they take when cooking for others in need. I enjoy your blog so much.

  4. Wowza! Great idea! thanks for sharing these recipes! I love how you put them together into meals, so helpful!

  5. What a wonderful, helpful post! Thank you so much!

  6. Hi,
    Have you ever had troubles with tomato-based sauces eating through the metal pan? I’ve often wanted to try something like this, but have had tomato sauce corrode a metal pan once, and eat through tinfoil.
    Your recipes look delicious!

    • No, I haven’t Aspen- but I am SURE that could happen with certain pans! Very good point! If you feel as though you could make the leap-try getting a nice copper pot for your sauces! They are sure to do the job for you- make sure to have the heat on med to med low. Thanks so much!

  7. God bless your lovin’ heart! I too have been called to minister through homemade meals. Made with love and all glory to God, I’m currently cooking for some senior citizens and about to start cooking for a Motel Ministry. Can’t wait to incorporate some of your recipes into rotation! Bless you for serving others~All Glory goes to Him!

  8. I stumbled across this post via pinterest as I was searching for ideas for a meal to prepare for a girlfriend recovering from surgery. This was exactly what I needed…a breakdown and choices for different meals that are easy to put together and most with staple items! Thank you so much. I made meal #9 (crescent chicken) along with the fun brownies loaded with m&ms. They loved it! They were thankful when it was delivered and later that nite, I received a text from her raving how no one has ever delivered a homemade meal to her and her fam and it really cheered her up after a very rough day of pain post surgery! Thank you Janelle for the wonderful ideas and for showing us how easy it is to bless others with a home cooked meal!

    • Thank you so much for letting me know this Marcela- I am so thankful for you sweet sister…sharing God’s love with someone who needed it very much 🙂

  9. I wanted to share an idea…. a friend made quiche for me when I had my second baby. She knew I would be up all night nursing, unable to sleep in, and hungry and still have a toddler to feed… so she cut up the quiche into BIG portions, wrapped them individually in tin foil so all I had to do in the morning was unwrap, and microwave!! The BEST breakfast ever!! I make this for all new moms now!!!!

  10. Where are the recipes for these wonderful-looking dishes? 🙂 I am a newly-ordained deacon in our church, and my desire is for us to start a meal ministry…these are great ideas! Thank you!! 🙂

  11. Karen Umbreit says:

    Thank you for sharing these recipes, ideas and your love! Wonderful! I’ll be using these this week to give dinner and love to my in-laws who are going through a rough time. Many hugs to you!


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