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Chinet Bakeware®

Hi Ladies!

The makers of Chinet contacted me a few weeks ago to let me know about their new Bakeware.

Wait a second…Chinet makes bakeware?

YES! They SURE do.

When I read their e-mail, this product really peaked my interest….I use disposable containers all the time for meal ministry! You know, those paper-thin foil throw-aways that bend, spill, and drive us all a little bonkers at times. 

Now, I’m already a huge fan of Chinet– if I purchase paper products…hands down, this is the brand I always get. The plates are large, sturdy, and don’t leak. But, bakeware? 


So, I asked them if I could try it?

Would you know they agreed and sent me the most beautiful package of samples?! I was blown away and so grateful-I actually had someone to cook for that day! 

The box. I’m a grown woman and this gave me butterflies- I still love packages in the mail.

I opened the box..

…and found some very impressive throw-away containers {that I can bake in!} and an official Chinet apron! Wohoo! Thank you so much Chinet!

I was a little nervous about baking inside paper products…but the inside was completely lined with a non-stick surface. These brownies baked up perfectly. I also appreciated the high see-through lids….these would especially come in handy for whipped topping desserts.

Next, I prepared a chopped salad. Now, there were quite a bit of toppings on this salad…most containers would bend during transportation-not this one…it was sturdy and didn’t budge. 

Again…love the lids! It looks so professional, doesn’t it? 

I also baked up some Ham and Cheese Poppyseed Sliders and Homemade Mac n Cheese. The containers did a great job! I even used the box they came in to transport the meal to the family in need. lol.  

 So, Ladies…..I definitely recommend having some of Chinet’s bakeware on hand for your bake and take needs. I’m sold!

  • It goes directly from oven to table to freezer to microwave
  • It’s sturdy and non-stick
  • It comes in 4 shapes and sizes
  • I love the clear high-top lids
  • Its uniform and pretty
  • You can bake, take, and leave! No worries to get your dishes back!    


Thank you SO much Chinet, for my free products!

Psssss….I’m not getting paid to say all of this 😉 These containers are the best I’ve used



  1. Love chinet products! I will check these out!

  2. I had no idea they made those. Hooray! I am with you about packages in the mail. I get so excited and then I realize it isn’t for me. lol

  3. LOVE stuff like this! We seem to always be having new babies at our church – and you are RIGHT, the foil kind are just a mess! Great post and great ideas! {need that poppy seed roll recipe}

  4. I love packages in the mail, too. I never knew Chinet made such a thing. Thanks for the idea.
    blessings to you

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