Gettin Comfy in the Kitchen for New Wives!


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Hi Ladies! 

So, last week I asked the question on Facebook:

“Do I have any new wives on here??? If so….Girls, what is your biggest challenge right now with cooking?” 

Some common answers were:

1. Making meals on a budget.

2. Making meals that are healthy and yummy.

3. Making quick and easy meals.

4. Portions…not many recipes are made for 2! 

5. Staying motivated.

I think I can help…..let’s go through this step by step together.

1. Making meals on a budget

  • Use those coupons! Websites I recommend are Money Saving Mom,  Coupon Mom, and Smart Source. If you get the Sunday paper-save those coupons and clip away {only clip items you would typically purchase though! Don’t let them reel you in}.  
  • Remember Wal-Mart offers an “ad-match guarantee”– this could save you some running around if you live near a Super Wal-mart! 
  • Buy your meats at a butcher {or even straight from the farmer} in a bundle and freeze.  You can purchase half a hog, cow, etc. You can also find good deals at butchers for a mix of popular meat selections {for example: burgers, chops, chicken breasts, etc}. 
  • If possible buy fresh produce at Farmer’s markets! 
  • Shop for certain items that you know are less expensive at certain stores. At Marc’s, dry foods, detergents, and toiletries are good deals here. Dairy? Not so much. You’ll get good at knowing what prices are reasonable and what aren’t.  
  • Trader Joe’s, Aldi’s and Ollie’s have good deals.
  • Some generic food brands are less expensive than brand names with coupons. I really like Food Club! 
  • Make recipes that aren’t as pricey- Well, duh Janelle! LOL! Honestly though….Scallops are more expensive than Chicken. Ground Beef is cheaper than Steak. Chilli is less expensive than Clam Chowder. Make wise choices. This requires planning.

2. Making Meals that are Yummy and Healthy:

  • Some yummy/healthy meals I enjoy are HERE
  • I also contribute healthy recipes to Roomag.
  • For healthy on the go…I recommend making homemade grab bags!

3. Making Quick and Easy Meals:

  • Most meals on Comfy in the Kitchen are quick and easy. However, you must plan your meals ahead of time. In the morning- dice veggies, shred cheese, and thaw meats. When the times comes to make your meal, you’ll be happy you prepped. 
  • I’ve been known to make dinner during my children’s nap times and warm it up later ! You  do what you have to do when 5 o’ clock is busy and everyone’s hungry. Keep your sanity. It’s really ok. 
  • Rotisserie chicken is awesome. You can use it in soups, enchiladas, and yes….even the famous Crescent Chicken.  
  • Crockpot recipes come in handy on days you won’t be home. It’s great when the smell of dinner greets you at the door. 

4. Portions….not too many recipes are made for 2!  

  • Very true! Make your recipe as directions say. But before you bake it, set aside half in a container and freeze it! This would not be considered “left overs” for those of you who snub your nose at the word {lol}. Date it and put baking directions on the container. You’ll have yourself a quick meal later on in the month!  
  •  Most recipes can be halved. Here’s a good Recipe Calculator to help you!

5. Staying Motivated:

  • Read my “Burnt Happens” post and laugh with me.
  • Know that you will get better as time progresses- I was a new wife at one time and was not so comfy in my kitchen either. Don’t give up!  
  • Have thick skin – don’t take yourself or food too seriously.
  • Turn on some music …relax and have a little fun. I remember, before we had kids, I would jam to Aretha Franklin when I cooked. Yes, Geoff walked in on me quite a few times singing with a spoon microphone to “Respect”.   
  • Know that as little of a task as cooking seems…it’s actually very big thing.  I can’t think of a better family image than one around a dinner table.  YOU are blessing your family. I promise.
  • One failed day doesn’t mean a thing. Tomorrow’s another day. If you failed to plan today…pick up the pace tomorrow. 


Ladies, you can do this!

“Bless this kitchen, Lord, and those who gather here each day. Let it be a place where we can meet to love and laugh and pray.”

For some of my “seasoned” cooks out there {no pun intended} what other suggestions do you have for these Spring Chicks?!

MUCH love to you!!!!!       



  1. I highly recommend using websites like and for searhing for tried and true recipes. The recipes are rated and also commented on with tips from readers who have actually used the recipe. On those websites you can also sign up for a free account to keep track of your recipes.

  2. Ask your husband’s opinion on meals that you make (assuming he can give it kindly!). I always asked my husband if he enjoyed his dinner and if it’s “make again good.” I’ll also ask him occasionally if there are any meals he’d like me to try my hand at or that I’ve forgotten about and he’d like me to add back into the rotation. My main source of joy in cooking is making others happy so I want to make sure I’m not wasting my time on something he doesn’t enjoy so much. =)

  3. Thank you so much for this post… I am getting married in 19 days and this is one of the many things that is really weighing on my mind !! Thank you thank you !!

  4. I agree – using sources such as are great because you can see ratings, read reviews (and there are some good tips and tricks in there!).

    I have been cooking about 4+ years since my husband and I got married. I knew a little, but not much. My biggest tip? Take risks. Honestly, the BEST way to learn is to mess it up once in a while. That’s how you really learn. So don’t be afraid to branch out and try new techniques!

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