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Simple and Healthy Santa Fe Salad

This flavorful salad can be made in a hurry. Who says fast food can’t be healthy? This is something I typically eat for lunch and love.
 Toss mixed greens with olive oil, vinegar, fresh ground pepper and salt to taste.
Add corn, salsa, and black beans. Whala! Veggies, protein, and carbs all in one dish.
Simple and Healthy Santa Fe Salad
(1 serving)
2 cups of mixed greens
1 Tbsp olive oil
2 tsp red wine vinegar
freshly ground pepper/salt to taste
2 Tbsp fresh salsa
2 Tbsp black beans
2 Tbs sweet corn

Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

This is one of my favorite chicken recipes EVER! I make this often in the Summer for guests. These kabobs taste amazing and look beautiful. The pineapple juice in the marinade makes the chicken so juicy…Mmmm! Enjoy!

Marinade: soy sauce, pineapple juice, vegetable oil, brown sugar, garlic powder (I used garlic, garlic),
ginger, dry mustard. 

For the pineapple juice, I simply use the juice from a can of pineapple. But, for the pineapple in the kabobs- I use fresh pineapple. Call me crazy..but I can taste a big difference in canned vs. fresh pineapple! 

Grate your ginger. You can find ginger root at your grocery store. It is typically by the fresh lettuce. Peel the skin off and simply grate it with a zester or your cheese grater. No biggie here. 

This is what it will look like. DO NOT omit this if all possible-it really adds a kick to the marinade! 

Put all those ingredients into a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 mins. Take off of  burner and let cool in the saucepan. 

Cut up raw chicken (get rid of fat)

Place your cut chicken in a 9×13 pan and pour marinade over top

Cover and refrigerate for at least 3-4 hours or overnight. 

Prep your veggies. I have fresh pineapple, red peppers, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, and onions. 

When you are ready to “kabob” water your skewers so they don’t catch on fire on the grille. 


And away we go! After I finish “kabobing” I sprinkle them with seasoned salt and freshly ground pepper. (I use Tastefully Simple Seasoned Salt-it is so good).  

Fire up the grill! I lay grill foil down every time I make kabobs- it keeps them from sticking and if anything falls off it just falls onto the foil. I cooked these on medium high heat (I have a gas grill) for about 6 mins then flipped for another 6 mins. 

Our menu that evening also included fresh watermelon, corn on the cob, mashed garlic red potatoes, pickled cucumbers and bread twists (and berry cobbler). I put most of my effort into the main course and made sure to make very simple sides.

Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs(Makes enough for 6- you may double as I did in the photos)

1/2 c. soy sauce
1/2 c. pineapple juice
1/4 c. vegetable oil
1 Tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp fresh ginger
1 tsp dry mustard

6-8 chicken breasts
2 green peppers
2 onions
2 red peppers
1 container of cherry tomatoes
1 pineapple cored and cut into cubes

Wooden skewers
Seasoned salt and pepper to taste.

Combine all marinade ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 mins. Cool. Cut off fat on raw chicken and cube. Place chicken in a 9×13 pan and pour cooled marinade over top. Cover and put in refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours (or overnight). Prep/cut all veggies up and place in another 9×13 and refrigerate until you are ready to “kabob”. Run water over wooden skewers so they do not catch fire on grill. Alternate chicken with veggies and pineapple. Sprinkle kabobs with seasoned salt and pepper. Heat grill to med-high heat and cover with grill foil (or regular foil with cooking spray). Grill covered appx 6 mins a side until chicken is cooked through. Utter deliciousness.



Convenient can be healthy…

Let’s face it…we live in a fast paced world right now. Convenience has become a huge factor in what we feed our children and what we eat ourselves. The food industry has made it easy for us with individually bagged chips, fruit snacks, cookies, etc. Yes, there are the 100 calorie bags, which I appreciate, but I know they aren’t always healthy.

There ARE ways to make “healthy” choices AND have them be convenient. One way that I practice this in my home is by “bagging” healthy foods. When I get home from the grocery store, or farmers market…I simply wash, cut, and individually bag fruits, veggies, and cheese. I place the bags in the bottom drawer of my refrigerator and allow my children to take a snack from there whenever they get hungry (with moderation). I love that they can get to it on their own, and that they are getting a healthy snack. If we are in a hurry to get out the door, I also grab bags from this drawer and put them in an insulated bag.

Another great tip: Freeze “Gogurt” and place in an insulated bag with the fruits. They keep everything cold and they thaw when the children are ready to eat them!

My bottom refrigerator drawer
Hope this tip can help get you started on being convenient AND healthy!!!

Love to you,


Grapefruit Brulee

I tried this recipe years ago by recommendation of a close friend. It didn’t sound very appealing, but I decided to try it anyways. Was I ever pleasantly surprised! Not only is it a healthy choice it is juicy, tangy, and very satisfying to those of us with a sweet tooth. Adding just a bit of brown sugar on top of the grapefruit and broiling it creates a crust or a “brulee” if you will….trust me, you will love it. It’s perfect for breakfast or a snack… especially for those of us who are participating in the “Reshaping It All Challenge“! Love to you, Janelle

(photo from

Grapefruit Brulee 
(1-2 servings)

1 Pink grapefruit
2 Tbsp brown sugar

Turn broiler on to high. Slice a grapefruit in half and place it on a cookie sheet. Spoon brown sugar on top and spread evenly. Broil for 5 mins until bubbly and lightly browned. Eat with a serrated grapefruit spoon! Enjoy. 


Candace’s Turkey Tacos

Last week my family enjoyed an excellent recipe from Candace’s kitchen. I had already made up some salsa and was searching for a good Mexican dish to pair with it. I remembered Turkey Tacos being mentioned in “Reshaping it All”. I had to adapt it just a bit because I had already made up the salsa, but it turned out great just the same. This is a recipe I will be adding to my “make often” list! It is healthy, delicious, and pleases the entire family. Candace, thank you for your encouragement and your delicious recipes! You are most certainly Comfy in your Kitchen!
Love to you, Janelle

Ground turkey breast, fresh salsa (I had this already made up, for Candace’s salsa see below), flour tortillas, lettuce, finely shredded cheddar cheese
(black beans-they are in the salsa)
In a large skillet, brown ground turkey.
Warm tortillas on a plate covered with a paper towel for 1 min in the microwave
Turkey Taco Night! A fun make -your- own buffet!
My entire family loved these.
Turkey Tacos
(Serves 4)
1 lb ground turkey (or lean beef)
1 15 1/2 oz can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 package flour tortillas -for gluten free option use corn tortillas
shredded lettuce
tomatoes diced
1 bag (2 cups) shredded cheddar cheese of Mexican cheese blend
Brown ground turkey in a pan over medium heat until cooked through. Heat beans as directed. Warm tortillas on a covered dish in microwave for one minute. Add meat, beans, salsa, lettuce, and cheese. Enjoy!
Candace’s Fresh Salsa

1 diced tomato
1/4 cup chopped red onion
2 Tbs chopped cilantro
salt and pepper to taste
This is just one of many healthy and delicious recipes in “Reshaping it All”
by Candace Cameron Bure and Darlene Schacht.
Turkey Tacos are featured on p. 36 “From my Stove to Yours”.

Homemade Salsa

My friend Carla brought this delicious salsa to a play-date a few years ago…it was an absolute hit with us moms! So, of course I had to get the recipe. I make this often for family, friends, and guests…It is delicious not only with chips but also on salads, tacos, and wraps! Mmmmm!!!

This recipe is dedicated to my dear friend Krista who has been begging me to share it since I made it on our ladies Narnia night, lol. Sorry it took me so long!

Cilantro, shoepeg corn, black beans, Italian dressing, garlic, Tobasco, chili powder, red pepper, green pepper, onion, cubanelle pepper, tomato
Rinse and drain black beans
Place beans and corn in large bowl
Chop Cilantro
Dice red and green peppers
Dice tomatoes
Dice Cubanelle
Dice onions and garlic…add everything to bowl
Pour Italian dressing over top
Add Chili powder
Toss well and let sit in refrigerator covered until ready to serve.
Serve with chips, on top of a salad, in a wrap, or on a taco!
Beware…it does NOT last long!
Homemade Salsa
3 Tbsp chopped Cilantro
1 can (11oz) Shoepeg corn
1/2 onion diced
1 red pepper diced
1 green pepper diced
1 Cubanelle pepper diced
1 medium tomato diced
1 can (16 oz) black beans
1/2 cup Italian dressing
1 Tbsp fresh garlic
(you may substitute 1 tsp garlic powder)
1 Tbsp Tobasco
1 tsp chili powder
Drain and rinse black beans in a colander. Mix well with all other ingredients.
Q. What is Cilantro?
A. It is a delicious herb used in many Spanish, Indian, and Middle Eastern dishes. I recommend purchasing it fresh by the parsley at your grocery store (not in the package). Read the rubber band that is wrapped around it to make sure you are getting Cilantro.
Q. What is a Cubanelle pepper?
A. A banana pepper. It’s sweet and is found next to the red and green peppers at the grocery store
Q. What is Shoepeg Corn?
A. It’s a small, white and very sweet corn.
Enjoy Ladies!
 Love to you, Janelle 

Enjoy Avacados as much as I do? Clare, at Peak 313 has a delicious black bean dip that includes them! I have tried this…it is ahhhmazing !!! Clare is Comfy in her Kitchen!!! 


Meal Ministry Welcomes Katina! Oatmeal Rasin Treats

Please help me welcome a very close friend of mine, Katina. She is a huge blessing in my life…we are in bible studies together, our children go to school together, we pray together, encourage one another, and have fun together!!!! Katina is so supportive of my meal ministry …I am so thankful for her.

In light of the “Reshaping it All” challenge, my sweet friend brought ingredients over to my home and made these delicious Oatmeal Rasin Treats for me. As I was watching her make them (which was so much fun), she shared with me her “food testimony”….I really felt it was a “God thing” hearing what she had to share. I immediately thought of my readers….that some of you may be going through this very thing right now (I won’t ruin it ….I will let her tell you).

I was so blessed to have her companionship that day…. I was the recipient of a “Meal Ministry”!!!!! Katina, I am so thankful for your friendship…(and your oatmeal rasin treats, lol).

Katina , her husband, and two sweet children.

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” -1 Corinithians 10:31

Such a sweet family!

Katina writes….

About fifteen years ago, I started feeling lightheaded and dizzy and was tired all the time. I went to a doctor regarding this and had all kinds of medical tests done. Everything came back normal, and the doctor told me basically that it was in my mind and that she could refer me to a psychologist. I knew that is not what I needed, so I continued to pray for guidance and wisdom. One day I was listening to a Christian radio program and a local doctor was talking about hidden food sensitivities. He stated that a lot of our physical ailments stem from the foods we eat. I was pretty much willing to try anything at this point since I had been having these symptoms for over seven months. I made an appointment with this doctor and he did some blood work, which revealed MANY food sensitivities. The main ones were sugar, dairy, & wheat….which was in everything I was eating!! I then began to educate myself in this area, and completely revamped my diet. I became a label reader and discovered how many different names are used for these foods. I also realized that anything that said ‘enriched’ or ‘hydrogenated’ stayed in me for days and made me feel a lot worse. I came up with many wonderful recipes…like these oatmeal raisin treats….that were not only healthy, but tasted great! It took about one month and then I started to feel AMAZING…and all my symptoms were gone! Praise God!! The doctor told me that I needed to keep these foods out of my diet for nine months, and then I could slowly start to reintroduce them back into my diet…but in moderation. But that’s the part that I’ve always struggled with….moderation. Growing up in an Italian family definitely does not help in that area lol! During most of my family gatherings we had lots and lots of food around us all the time. And this is what I thought was ‘normal’ for most of my life. I know how to eat healthy… to read ingredients….how to stay fit….however, I don’t have good self-control. For the next couple of months I am focusing on renewing my mind and spirit in this area. This recipe is great to have so that I can satisfy my sweet tooth in a healthy way. I hope it helps you as well! God Bless, Katina.

Oatmeal Rasin Treats
Oats, oat flour, canola oil, honey, rasins and cinnamon

Combine all ingredients

Place on a cookie sheet- is this not the greatest? Someone is cooking in my home and it isn’t me?! lol!

Heaping tablespoons

Bake for 10-15 mins until golden brown.

Yummm… they are a little more gooey than a typical cookie and ohhh, so good! 

Oatmeal Raisin Treats
(with NO sugar, dairy or wheat)
1 Cup of Oats ∙1 Cup of Oat Flour ∙ ½ Cup Canola Oil ∙ ¼ Cup Raw Honey 
 2 tsp Cinnamon ∙ ½ Cup Raisins
*Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Drop by spoonful onto cookie sheet. Bake for about 10-15 minutes. After removing from the oven, continue to let them sit on the cookie sheet to harden or you can eat them all gooey with a fork☺
Thank you so much Katina! It was awesome watching God work through you in my very home! I was so blessed to have your company last week…Love you!!!!

Please e-mail me at to be a guest blogger on Meal Ministry Mondays. I would love to show off your love for the Lord and His people! 

I am participating at Living Well Wednesdays and Titus 2sdays!
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Feasting in Fellowship Friday, Smoothies, Top 3

Yea! It’s Friday, all day long!!!!
A couple of days ago I posted how I was on the “Daniel Fast” This is the very smoothie I make when I hunger for a “treat”…hope you’ll enjoy it as well…
Strawberry- Banana’s n Creme Fruit Smoothies

Oh, how I love a cool, fresh, fruit smoothie! Make these for breakfast or have them as a treat on a sunny afternoon. Here is a delicious recipe you and your entire family will enjoy! This is a healthier option in place of going out for ice cream or making milkshakes at home, yet still just as satisfying!

 Strawberries, ice, bananas, orange juice, vanilla soy milk 

Blend well

Serve with a straw and enjoy! 

Strawberry- Banana’s n Creme Fruit Smoothies
(serves 4-5)
15 Whole Strawberries (Appx)
2 Bananas
1 Cup Vanilla Soy Milk
1/2 Cup Orange Juice
2 Cups of Ice
Blend well and enjoy! 

Friday’s Top 3 

Baked Teriyaki Chicken

The “Unworking Mom” shares with us this delicious recipe! My mouth is watering just reading about it. Thanks Jackie!

Easy Spinach Calzones

Amee’s Savory Dish shares her recipe for these quick and delicious calzones. She is a girl after my own heart using ricotta! Wohoo! I love how she scales down on the calories and fat…no meat, thinner crust, low-fat cheese. Thanks Amee!

Decadent, Healthy Brownies

Always Learning” shares a healthier version of brownies! I’m in Lori! lol! Thank you!

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Minestrone Soup and Feasting in Fellowship Friday!

“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God”

                                              -1 Corinthians 10:31

My sweet friend Courtney and I are in her kitchen simmering up some delicious and healthy Minestrone soup!  Come join us at to find out how to make it!
While you are there, make sure to scroll down…her blog posts on the Sally Clarkson Mom Heart Conference have been so inspiring and helpful to me this week! 

What a blessing Sister’s in Christ are to one another…

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Black Bean Soup and a Give Away!!

Feasting in Fellowship Fridays
Food is a extraordinary blessing… it involves every one of our senses. The smell, the sight, the texture, and yes–the sound of food is incredible! The cracking of a nut shell, soup boiling on the stove, ground beef frying in a pan, a small hand fishing in a bowl of chips… all bring their unique sound to the symphony of life.
Every bite, every sound, and every smell is a wonderful gift from our Lord, however, like all blessings if we misuse it, it can be destructive. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 25:16 that if we eat too much of a good thing we’ll get sick. So true in every area of our life, teaching us that moderation is key.
~Darlene Schacht
In Reshaping it All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness, authors Candace Cameron Bure and Darlene Schacht inspire us to take care of our earthly temple, enjoy food as a gift from God, and stop abusing it just because it tastes great. Using biblical principles and practical advice, Reshaping it All is a motivational tool that helps us get on track to a healthier lifestyle, and stay there!
Ladies, I have just received THREE copies to give away today!! Wohoo! Just leave a comment on this post, and I will enter your name in the draw. Tell your friends too!
I’ll announce the winners here on Monday!
Visit co-author Darlene Schacht at her blog, The Time Warp Wife.
Check out for this delicious 
Black Bean Soup recipe….
Soup is the best comfort food to get us through the cold winter!  

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