Super Bowl Appetizers!

It’s that time again!!!! As millions around the world are getting excited to watch the 2013 Super Bowl this Sunday, us Ladies are chicken scratching a list of groceries to get. If planning a spread isn’t your thing…no worries. I gotcha covered.

Every guy wants Wings….if this is the only thing you have, all will be well with his world. 

And ya gotta have Nachos…. Loaded Nachos, that is. 

No man I’ve ever known has ever turned down Sweet and Sour Lil Smokies {If you’re lucky- you’ll find these on sale at the grocery store!}. Stick them in the crockpot and you have 1 appetizer…done!

You can also do the same thing with frozen meatballs!  

You never know if one of your guests is on a diet ….so make a Tidbit Tray just in case. Either way….everything on this tray will be gone before the game’s over.

Or you could incorporate a tidbit tray into a salad buffet {this is great for the Ladies! I know I always appreciate a salad!}



Easy Spinach Dip is a hit with everyone. Serve with cubed bread and veggies.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños are aaaaaaamazing {and easy to make!}

So….which brother is going to win? That’s one proud Mom and Dad either way! Have fun everyone!!!



  1. Oops, I posted my response to this post on your Spinach Dip recipe post. Thank you so much for giving us simple ideas for snacks for the SuperBowl! I have trouble coming up with ideas and your’s are wonderful. You rock!

  2. Fun snacks! Go Ravens!!

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