A Catered Event


Does the phrase “party planning” get you anxious?

So many times we  over -analyze planning gatherings. It truly can cause us to loose the joy of the purpose of the main event.

Our minds can get into a frenzy, can’t they?!

We feel it takes tons of people, time, and it has to be “just so”.

Not true.

I wanted to show you a little gathering (vow renewal) I catered that took literally took 2 days to plan…yes, two days. The only communication was: “I’ll take care of the food-check” , a family member offered “I’ll provide the place-check”, and another family member said “I’ll decorate- check”…

Here’s how it turned out 🙂 


I prepped the food the night before…dicing, cutting, making the dips but not baking, etc. Here’s my van loaded up. 


 I used throw-away containers for quick clean up. I get mine inexpensively at GFS…. love that the trays come with lids. 


 Love that fake silverware 🙂


 The decorations were beautiful…she used table clothes, vases and flowers that she had on hand. They truly looked naturally stunning. 


I made a fruit tray with fruit dip


Pigs in a planket for the kiddos (but adults love em too). 


Hot ham and cheese sliders with poppyseed dressing. 

*If you want to save time for a casual outdoor party, you can have the main sandwiches catered.  Subway , makes a delicious subway club that is a hit with adults and children alike! Fill in your spread with homemade appetizers and you’re done! 


 Buffalo Chicken Dip ( I will be sharing this recipe shortly).  



A veggie tray with spinach dip


My dear friend Melissa and I…she and her hubby were re-newing their vows that evening.What an honor it was to serve them on this special occasion.  


It may look fancy…but it’s just “Comfy”! 










  1. What a beautiful post! Absolutely precious… A beautiful gift to give your friend in celebration of God’s gift of marriage.

    You truly inspire me to follow the promptings of the Lord to work on the ministry within my home, tending to my hubby and kids.

    May God bless you!

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